We work with all levels of an organization to enhance employee engagement and to create an environment of psychological safety that will improve productivity and outcomes.

We offer the following consultation services:

  • Leadership coaching & development
  • Team meeting facilitation
  • Conference/workshop facilitation
  • Change management strategies
  • Clinical training & supervision

Organizations can get "stuck" and caught up in negative vicious cycles that interfere with productivity and morale and destroy culture. Leadership needs to do something different as the same way of doing things is no longer working. The situation calls for disruptive change. Drawing on the philosophy of Robert Greenleaf, founder of modern servant leadership, we promote investment in the culture of accountability through enhanced leadership/management practices and team communication and collaboration. Using the values of democracy and emotional intelligence, and applying the tools of civic engagement, we help leaders and teams overcome barriers to innovation and productivity to achieve engagement and results. Please contact us for a free consultation to explore what we can do for your leadership and organization.