Sidewalk Talk

Sidewalk Talk, an all-volunteer nonprofit community listening project was founded in San Francisco by therapist Traci Ruble, and now takes place in cities across the globe. Kerrie Mohr, the founder and owner of A Good Place brought this amazing project to NYC, serving as the NYC Chapter Leader. Several associates at A Good Place also volunteer. The opportunity to practice empathy and compassion on the streets through listening has been a remarkable experience for us all. Even though we listen actively as a part of our jobs daily, this unique experience has let us connect with others with the intent to be compassionate, and mindfully listen. There are no strings attached, and we seek nothing more. 

 Our mission is to nurture human connection by teaching and practicing heart-centered listening in public spaces. By engaging a diverse and inclusive community of volunteers, our culture, relationships and world are transformed. We aim to reduce the stigma of mental illness and therapy.
Listening is an intentional practice, driven from the heart. Opening yourself to those around you creates powerful connections. Those connections can only be made when we are truly present. To find out more, please contact us!