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"While sleep disturbances can happen for a number of reasons, struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep and other sleep issues could be a sign of anxiety. "These symptoms are activated due to body going into flight or fight mode (activation of the sympathetic nervous system), which is a physiological response to perceived threat," Sonya Veytsman, a psychotherapist, tells Romper by email. Not being able to sleep might mean that your body's on edge, which can indicate anxiety."

New York, American Capital of Loneliness

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Kerrie was interviewed by a journalist for a Spanish publication, on loneliness in New York, an issue that surfaces often in the therapy room at a good place. Therapy, and initiatives like Sidewalk Talk, for which Kerrie serves as the NYC chapter Leader, can serve as therapeutic antidotes to loneliness.


"It's a city dominated by professional ambition ," says Kerrie Mohr, a social worker and therapist, in her financial district practice. "People move here to achieve their professional goals. When you prioritize your career, what you are doing is not prioritizing being with family, or friends, that kind of organic support. From what I see in my work, in New York many people are isolated in different ways because they do not have those connections . And the connections here require more effort. "

Mohr refers to the fact that social life in New York is like a job : schedules are hard, the big city, limited time, and meeting someone involves organizing a specific and good plan a few days in advance.


The team at a Good Place is committed to raising awareness about the benefits of therapy. Watch this clip to see Kerrie and cast member Lindsay in session on Bravo's Summer House, Season 2, Episode 7, as we discuss how to handle intense moments with exes that are sure to have emotions flooded! Click here to check out the episode! 


Sidewalk Talk Wants Us to All Care About Each Other Again

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“In our American mythology of hyper-individualism, we are expected to stand up on our own two feet, to compete against each other for survival. Only the weak and needy ask for help.This is a hostile environment for empathy!  Empathy needs love to flourish. We need to make space for each other. We need to rebel against the mythology of hyper-individualism so we can live fulfilling and meaningful lives surrounded by people that we love and who love us.” —Kerrie Mohr, Sidewalk Talk NYC Chapter Leader


Kerrie Thompson Mohr, founder of A Good Place, has been interviewed by Bustle in an article about dating for people that are suffering from anxiety.  


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