Therapist Spotlight: Laura Goldstein, LMSW

What inspired you to pursue a career as a therapist?

I was previously a teacher and over time, I decided that even though I really enjoyed teaching, I also saw the value of working one on one with individuals and families. I feel fortunate to work with every age group, from toddlers to seniors, which has really helped me gain a sense of perspective in my work.
I like to meet clients where they are and work with them to make positive changes in their lives to reach their goals. As a therapist, it’s essential to provide a safe, supportive environment for clients where we can work through challenges together. When we have a good environment,  it allows us to develop a meaningful rapport, which the most rewarding part.

As a therapist, what are you most passionate about?

Providing people the support they need to make positive changes and improve the quality of their life. I enjoy watching them achieve their goals. I believe it is essential to highlight a client’s strengths and champion the progress they make.  I’m very passionate about taking a customized approach and using techniques that work best for each individual client. It’s also a source of pride that I always make myself available to clients when we are not in session together. I always respond to emails and find extra session times to meet during the week if a crisis arises so I can help clients feel supported beyond our session time.

What makes you unique as a therapist?

As a former educator, I worked with children of all ages as well as adults and seniors. It gave me a global view of life. I can see how experiences that occur during childhood contribute to the adults we become. I also see how certain patterns continue throughout a person's’ lifespan but can manifest in different ways. My experience helps me to give the client a point of view on where they have come from, and also assist them in determining where they want to go.
How would you describe your therapeutic approach?

My therapeutic approach is geared towards Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and strength-based methods. I help to identify what the strengths are within an individual and capitalize on those. We look at how they can use those attributes to work towards the goals they want to reach or the changes they would like to make. Building a supportive rapport is essential. The client and I need to work as a team to attain their goals. We are in this process together every step of the way. 

Everyone needs self-care. How do you practice self-care?

Self-care is extremely important because even if it is just a typical day, we experience stressors. It is important to find some time in your day to unwind, whether through breathing exercises, grabbing coffee with a friend or family member, or doing other little things for yourself like going to yoga or the gym. It revitalizes you, allows you to feel more positive, and improves your quality of life. 

I personally practice self-care through spending time with family, friends, and exercise. I also love to travel and explore different neighborhoods, take spin classes or to go bike riding. I also enjoy Broadway, concerts, and comedy shows. I love to laugh! 

What is one thing that is important for anyone to know?

I think it is really important to reach out for help when you feel you need support to get through a difficult time — whether it be a loss of someone close to you, family conflicts, relationship strife, or other life events. It is important to take that brave first step to make changes and improve your quality of life.

What is your favorite thing about being a therapist?

Seeing a client make progress! Whether they share something positive that has taken place or they make changes based on the work we did together. When you feel you have made a difference and really supported someone during a difficult time, it is incredibly satisfying. I also love hearing feedback from clients like, “What would Laura do or say in this situation?” Or, “I always feel better after I see you!”  I love when clients share news about the positive changes happening in their lives. The relationship between a client and therapist is a unique one. It takes trust and building a strong rapport, which is invaluable.

What is a personal challenge you've overcome that makes you a better therapist?

I have experienced loss in different times of my life and have learned more about myself through those experiences. They have made me who I am and taught me about personal perseverance and how to move forward and let go of the past.  My personal challenges have allowed me to provide more empathy, support, and a deeper understanding to my clients.

What is most important to you?

The relationships that I have in my life, my family and my friends, are what I most treasure. I always want people to be happy and live the best quality of life possible.

What are some of your passion projects or interests?

I enjoy volunteering at a local food bank that does emergency food distribution for the homeless in New York City. I feel passionately that having access to food is a basic and essential right to all.  It is a big issue in NYC. 

I also love experiencing different cultures, hearing different languages, trying new food, and listening to new music. I love to travel and explore, take bike rides, try new restaurants, or go to a show or a movie.


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