Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

Our primary method of treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to addresses the inter-connectedness between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. CBT aims to help change irrational or unhelpful thought patterns and counterproductive behavioral habits that reinforce that reinforce emotional distress and keep you feeling stuck.  Our team members have  strong backgrounds in treating trauma, and integrate mindfulness principles and practices into the work as needed.  You are unique and the relationship is is tailored to meet your unique needs. 

This is the vicious cycle:



The situation doesn’t affect how we feel emotionally- it is our thoughts about the situation that affects how we feel. In distress, our perspective can be inaccurate and our thoughts unrealistic. The CBT approach helps us examine these thoughts, put them in perspective, restructure thinking and apply skills and strategies to adapt and cope.

The theory behind this concept is found in Ancient Eastern and Western Philosophy.

Dr. Aaron Beck put these ancient philosophiesinto practice, in addition to drawing on other prominent philosophies from contemporary cognitive and behavioral theorists, to treat mental health problems, and then, proved its effectiveness over hundreds of clinical trials.

CBT Works 

 It's proven effective across a wide spectrum of conditions, including depression, anxiety, OCD, Panic Disorder, eating disorders, an array of emotional and behavioral problems and as adjunctive treatment in medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, cardiac events, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypertension and other chronic pain disorders. Through the process, clients learn self-awareness and internalize the changes that guide them in their ability to manage feelings, regulate emotions and cope better. It is a fun and dynamic collaboration, especially when change is internalized and you feel better.

All of this aside, the relationship comes first. We come from a place of compassion, acceptance and empathy and "meet you where you are at" in your readiness for change. 

Goals of Treatment:

Our method and approach is proactive and change-oriented.  We will examine your thinking, emotions and behaviors to:

  • Identify and challenge the problematic, negative thought circles that keep you stuck
  • Manage your emotions and cope with distress
  • Assist you in developing more useful and realistic thoughts, self-perceptions, and behaviors that help you accomplish your goals
  • Learn skills that help you get your needs met

This involves work in and out of session as the understanding and realization comes through practice and repetition.  The goal is to internalize these strategies to become your own therapist.

What you Can Expect from Treatment: 

Ongoing sessions: We will meet weekly (more or less frequent as determined) and for a time-frame determined together.  Our approach is proactive and  results focused, with the goal of giving you tools to be empowered.  As such, your work outside of sessions each week as practice helps you internalize the skills and ideas introduced. You can expect that we center on your goals and focus on developing skills and habits that promote success and wellness.  We will reflect on what is working and not working, each session.

There is no time limit on when or how long the healing process takes. You may be going through a big change or crisis and need a helping hand getting over the hump, or you may struggle with depression or anxiety your whole life and find it useful to consistently self-reflect, grow and learn with the help of a therapist.  Depending on your unique situation, I'll meet you where you are at.  You should feel understood, and valued as a person first, and the problem you bring to therapy, second.