Couples Therapy

Romantic relationships can be hard work that require attention and support along the way. Couples therapy is a method of psychotherapy used to help two people in a relationship gain deeper understanding and insight, resolve conflict, and build a healthier partnership. A therapist can help identify relationship patterns, uncover hidden intentions or expectations, and help couples that feel they are stuck in a rut. 

Couples often seek out therapy in times of conflict and crisis.  Usually issues stem from the need to be loved, accepted, or understood. Couples can get stuck in negative patterns; as resentment builds up, one or both individuals may withdraw, and become bitter or unhappy. The longer these unhealthy patterns are allowed to set in without any intervention, the harder it is to restore the deep connections that make up a healthy relationship. 

“We repeat what we don't repair" - Christine Langely-Obaugh

Couples counseling is a useful intervention for concerns related to, but not limited to: sexual difficulties, jealousy, premarital counseling, chronic health issues, death/loss, infertility, substance use, or frequent conflict.  The focus of the counseling is the relationship itself, because it is a different and separate entity from the individuals involved. Each person brings their own family patterns, culture, expectations and values to the relationship. Our approach focuses on the individual's responsibilities to the relationship, to shape and build the partnership into one that helps them feel more deeply loved and connected to one another.  With the help of therapy, you can reconnect and reignite the passion in your relationship. 

At A Good Place Therapy,  first we focus on the existing problems and develop a plan of action together.  If there is a degree of uncertainty about whether to separate or a break-up, we will explore that at the outset and individual therapy may also be recommended. The focus is on helping the couple learn to understand and really hear each other. Through the course of therapy, we will address resentment that has built up and create new ways of interacting and showing love, while creating healthy and sustainable patterns.